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Tabu: “I’m grateful & humbled for the love that I have received”

Two-time National Award winner Tabu recently celebrated her 25-year- long run at the movies. And yet she still finds herself being sought after for lead roles in mainstream Hindi movies.

When asked whether she has any secret mantra, she is self-effacing. Instead, she points out how in the last couple of years, she has really made up for lost time and done four to five films almost back-to-back, reports DNA India.

She says, “I can only thank someone up there for this. Everyone, including the media, had complaints about the fact that I do less work. Of course, most of these stemmed out of love. But as you put it, though I didn’t really sit down and chalk out a career plan, things fell into place. I’m grateful and humbled for the love that I have received.”

Tabu has always been getting roles that are on par with that of the leading man. She adds, “Frankly, I don’t think of this aspect. I listen carefully to the part I’m offered. If it gives me enough scope, then that’s the only thing I will go by. I remind myself that I should deliver and do what I have to. It is great to hear compliments. But, I never attach myself to praise.”

One of the reasons why Tabu is so grounded is because her family, especially her mother (Rizwana) and her sister (Farah Naaz) don’t let stardom go to her head. She laughs as she recalls their reaction to her in ‘AndhaDhun’ (2018).

She shares, “Twenty people from my family went to watch the black comedy thriller. The group included my mum, her friends, some cousins and my sister, Farah. My mother’s reaction was the best. We went to dinner later that same night. Most of the people were in raptures. However, throughout, my mother didn’t utter a single word. So, I looked at her directly and asked her why she wasn’t joining in the conversation. To which she turned around and said with a straight face, ‘Tumhara role bahut challenging tha picture mein.’ My sister was even better; she thought I was being myself.”

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