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‘Swaran Ghar’ Rohit Choudhary: “I want people to see the bad side of society”

Rohit Choudhary plays the role of Vikram in Colors show ‘Swaran Ghar’. The actor feels the title goes well with the concepts and clearly states that it is based on the life of a woman called Swaran and her house, rather than family.

Happy with his character, he adds, “Till the point when it’s about disagreements between the generations, parents, and children, I relate to it. But when it comes to removing parents from their house and being so shrewd are traits that I don’t have. I’ve seen such families. Whenever I play a negative role, I just think that people should see the bad side of society too, which is mostly hidden. I relate 20% to my part and create the 80% for the people to see the reality.”

The show is high on emotion and drama with regards to interpersonal relationships. “Currently the story has changed, but when it was with respect to family, it was the same story of so many families in our society. Every house has some problems with their children. My viewpoint on this is that we have to show society the truth. I was really very excited when I was offered this show. Managing a house with three sons is very difficult in this era to be honest. This story excites me to show a mirror to society,” he says.

Whenever I play a negative role, I just think that people should see the bad side of society too.

The content of ‘Swaran Ghar’ is different from other shows on TV. “I still get messages and in person also people tell me that this is one of the best shows they have watched. But I think, now the show has become a little bit like the other shows which show women empowerment, love stories etc,” he adds.

The current generations deal very differently with their parents unlike what it was earlier, feels the actor. “We deal very differently with our parents. When our parents were kids, they were asked to listen to their parents only but now when they ask their kids to do something, the kids reply back highlighting their opinion. Things have changed a lot. I think that is why parent-child relationship stories are evergreen. This topic is very relatable because everyone has to go through this situation at least once in their lives,” shares Rohit.