Suzi Mann opens up about “threatening” messages from Faryal Makhdoom over Amir Khan

Veena Patel



Former BBC Asian Network and Sunrise Radio presenter, Suzi Mann has opened up about “threatening” messages she had received from Faryal Makhdoom on social media, over alleged advances made by her husband and boxer, Amir Khan.

On Saturday, two national newspapers published a screenshot of Mann’s social media post, in which she claimed that the 36-year-old sportsman had sent her messages after they first met in 2016 when she hosted a concert in Manchester.

Suzi Mann
Suzi Mann former presenter of BBC Asian Network and Sunrise Radio

She said that Khan had repeatedly sent her messages on WhatsApp, which were deemed flirtatious. Furthermore, he had allegedly made “sexual advances”, which subsequently resulted in Khan calling and leaving her voicemails.

Since this story emerged, Makhdoom told The Sun, “This is all untrue. Amir has denied the accusations and doesn’t even remember this woman. And what’s confusing is, why has it taken her seven years to address this? She claims I said I’d ‘destroy’ her…it’s a load of rubbish. I’ve never messaged her on Twitter – I don’t even remember ever seeing this woman’s face.”

Today, Mann has put an update via her Instagram story, in which she hits back at Makhdoom. She said, “In light of speculation about my previous posts on Instagram stories, which were then sensationalised by certain tabloids, I would like to clarify my intentions. My Instagram story was based on my experiences with the Khans and my sole intent was that this may help other women come forward and understand the Khans negative pattern of behaviour. Over the past 24 hours, I have been subjected to abuse by fake accounts with threatening and vile comments. A post was put out by Faryal Makhdoom, which appeared to have been deleted shortly afterwards where she claimed that she’d never had any interaction with me. Furthermore, she portrayed that I have been seeking money for stories and fame, which is factually incorrect. I have NOT received any monies or sold any stories to the press.”

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She added, In my own words, and not those that were erroneously presented by the media without my permission, I did not at any point say sexual harassment. Amir had obtained my number and when he initially made contact I spoke to him about getting involved in his charitable events which he continued to dismiss. It was evident he had just one agenda. What I referred to was messages followed by a series of late night calls on several occasions in an attempt to meet.”

She further spoke about the inaccuracies published by the papers, in which she said, “I do not work for or represent the BBC. And I certainly do not need this toxic couple to gain any kind of publicity or fame. I did absolutely nothing wrong and remained professional throughout my interactions with Amir Khan. He is a self confessed cheat who has a problem, the bigger problem here is his wife or “business arrangement” as he refers to her when trying to lure women into bed.”

She went on to conclude, “Faryal Makhdoom did send me threatening messages from Amir Khan’s Twitter. Thereafter I had several fake/outsourced accounts abuse me on my social media accounts. I do not want to become publicly embroiled in this matter and really didn’t expect this to blow up. To reiterate again, it was on the back of his wife’s recent remarks, lies and theatrs towards other women that I decided to share my experiences so many years later. And I’m sure more will share their stories very soon, with evidence.”

News of Khan and Makhdoom separating emerged last month over a “sexting scandal”. However, in the last few days, it is reported that a reconciliation is on the cards.

Khan’s representatives have denied Mann’s allegations to MailOnline.