Sushmita Sen denies wedding rumours

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sushmita Sen denies wedding plans
Sushmita Sen denies wedding plans

It was recently rumoured that actress Sushmita Sen will be tying the knot sometime next year. News has it that, Sen has now rubbished the allegations stating, she was trying to explain how she’s doesn’t know when she will marry.

“This news about my marriage plans is completely untrue. I was at a press meet for my designer friend Mandira Wirk’s bridal wear, dressed as a bride. All I said was, ‘I will definitely get married, who knows maybe next year.’ That was it,” Time of India reported the actress stating.

Though Sen is keen about completing her family, she want’s to find a man who will a great father to her two daughters. A source close to the actress was reported explaining, “Sush wants to get married. But the man has to be not just a good husband but a��fabulous father. And for any man to accept his wife along with her two daughters is a tough task. Sush’s fear is not about finding the right man for herself, it’s about finding the right father for her two daughters, and a man who will accept the fact that Sush’s two angels will always get top priority in her life.”

However tough the task maybe, Sen isn’t giving up hope and is in good spirits about her views on marriage, “What guarantee is there that after getting into marriage and after twenty years of togetherness, I won’t discover it was the wrong move for me? God bless Madhuri Dixit’sequation with her husband.I saw a picture of her and husband with their two sons. And my heart melted. Blissful relationships are still possible in today’s world.”