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Sushant Singh Rajput’s family feel he was under pressure from Bollywood

With the passing of Sushant Singh Rajput still having a major impact on the Indian Film Industry, there has been much debate as to how the pressures of being a part of what being in the acting profession lead to him committing suicide. With some coming out stating the actor was under no such pressure, his family members have stated the contrary.

Times of India reported Singh Rajput’s cousin Neeraj Kumar Babu stating, “We are still stuck with the religious formalities of Sushant. As far as the case is concerned there are big personalities in industry who have spoken about the behavior of Bollywood with Sushant.”

He went on to say, “So we definitely feel that there was some pressure on him from Bollywood otherwise these big Bollywood celebrities wouldn’t have supported Sushant, so this should be investigated.”

Babu also said that they are still waiting for the police investigation. “Police will investigate and will try to find out the reason of his death someone may speak whatever they want but we are going with police investigation police won’t stop investigation on Sandip’s statement or what I speak to media,” he explained.

He went on to add, “If anyone tries to misguide or hide the truths from the investigation police won’t accept it. They will have to put up the puzzle altogether. We as a family don’t want to interfere in it, once all the aspects comes out will see what needs to be done.”

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