Sushant Singh Rajput victim of negative publicity?

BizAsia Correspondent



Sushant Singh Rajput believes he is being targeted by negative publicity.  The actor has defended himself against the onslaught of stories that are being circulated about him.

According to Deccan Chronicle at a recent press conference for his upcoming film ‘Raabta’ Rajput apparently lost his cool when he was asked questions on political matters.  Now news is doing the rounds that the actor got his security to manhandle fans who had chased him whilst he was on a midnight drive.

However Rajput has rubbished the claims as reporters’ fertile imaginations and feels certain segments  of the media are trying to pull him down.  “It is really sad. I can understand that certain sections of the media won’t give me the pleasure by acknowledging the work that I’m doing. But to regularly come up with such disgusting tripe just to pull you down is uncalled for” said Rajput.

He continued by adding “Published lies acquire a sense of authenticity and authority. It is easy for the public to believe that a comparatively new actor is arrogant. It’s sad to see some people stoop so low.”

Whether this is a case of bad journalism or the actor is as high-handed as he is made out to be remains to be seen.

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