Sushant Singh Rajput: “I don’t look forward for any awards”

Ketna Mistry



Sushant Singh Rajput has shared that he doesn’t make films with a view to win awards. For him just being on set and completing a film is what matters the most.

In an interview in the Times Of India, Singh Rajput explains why it’s not necessary for him to win an award to get recognition. “If somebody gives you validation about your work then obviously it feels good but I don’t look forward for any awards.” He further added, “My job is done once the last day of shoot ends. I am a very selfish actor. I am just concerned about kind of experience I have while shooting the film. I just don’t care about box office numbers. Just being on the film set and shooting for the film is the most important thing for me.”

With his next release ‘Raabta’ imminent, The ‘M.S Dhoni: The Untold Story’ (2016) actor was asked if he had experienced any difficulties with carrying out action scenes in the film, to which he replied, “Why would there be any difficulties? I am doing work and discovering myself from the last 18 years so I have no complaints whatsoever.”