Sushant Singh Rajput has no regrets opting out of films


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Sushant Singh Rajput has been linked to many big projects recently but he has no regrets in opting out of them.

Rajput walked away from two big banner films like ‘Fitoor’ and ‘Half Girlfriend’ due to delays with the projects. The actor has since decided to do Dinesh Vijan’s next film.

Talking to a daily, Rajput said, ���See, I was doing many films and they are all releasing now. (Laughs) I don�۪t want to name them. What happens is, when I give my word to someone and he�۪s delaying (not because he wants to, but because of a particular reason) and I get to understand it, I won�۪t ditch. So be it the biggest film with the biggest studio or the smallest film, I won�۪t leave another film. So, unfortunately, because of the two films that I was doing and that didn�۪t happen, I lost out on 12 films in the last one year. One film didn�۪t happen and the other was put off by a few months. And these films are the films that we generally talk about these days. Let�۪s not get into all that.”

He added, ���No. I don�۪t have any regrets. This is something I will follow for the rest of my life, the rest of my days that I am working in this industry. If I like the script and give you my word, I won�۪t ditch you just because I find some other film more exciting and bigger than the film I said yes to.”

Elaborating on this, Rajput said, ���I said yes to Dinesh Vijan long before Half Girlfriend was even offered to me. And because of a big confusion (again, because of someone else), we were told that we could shoot both films simultaneously. But it wasn�۪t the case because both directors wanted a particular month. So since I had said yes to Dinesh first, I had to opt out of Mohit�۪s film. This is the true story. But coming to the people�۪s perceptions, I give a damn. People think that I walked out of my mentor Abhishek Kapoor�۪s film Fitoor. But I didn�۪t. I was told that the film would start in October, so I kept myself free. And Fitoor was the first film in my career that I said yes to, without reading a script. Just because it was Gattu�۪s film and I love him as a director. I find him to be very passionate with his work. So I prepped in September. October came, November passed by, but it didn�۪t start. On December 15, I decided that I would do Paani and maybe, Fitoor. But I didn�۪t walk out. I sat for so many months.�۝

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