Supreme Court not interfering with Mahmood Farooqui’s acquittal by Delhi HC

Ketna Mistry



It has been reported that the Supreme Court has decided to not to interfere with Delhi High Court’s decision to acquit film director Mahmood Farooqui of rape charges.

In 2016 Farooqui was sentenced to seven years for sexually assaulting an American postgraduate student whilst visiting him at his home in Delhi.

According to DNA India, sitting on the justice panel, SA Bobde and Nageswara Rao, concluded after observing the case that it was “very well reasoned and cannot be interfered with”.

The hearing lasted for 30 minutes, the bench asked questions to Vrinda Grover, representing the alleged victim, “How many times did they have drinks together?” Grover responded that having drinks with a man does not translate to consent. However the bench quickly jumped in with “We are not judging that.”

Grover objected to the High Court’s ruling, saying the main issue was a lack of consent from the victim’s part. The bench who analysed the relationship between Farooqui and the victim, questioned why she sent an “I love you” message to Farooqui after the event? “Which rape victim will send that to an accused?” asked the bench.