Sunrise Radio’s Yarr unveils new look


Sunrise Radio owned youth station Yarr Radio is in the process of unveiling its new on and off air look. The once popular station, which launched back in 2003 has been toying with a juke-box style format for the past couple of years. Yarr is now back in the reckoning with the return of live DJs, a new schedule and a new presentation including a revamped logo, all being manned by the station’s new manager Reshma Bhai (pictured). As a Young British Asian herself Reshma says, ����We Young Brit-Asians have created a new culture for ourselves which is reflected in our choice of music, not only do we love our Bollywood and Bhangra we equally appreciate our R&B, Hip-Hop, Garage etc��_ we deserve to have a station dedicated solely to ourselves, here at Yarr Radio we only cater for this generation. Furthermore there is still a great need for this generation to be represented, I want Yarr to provide a new platform for media virgins and give unsigned artist and raw talent an opportunity to go mainstream�۪�۪. The unveiling of the new sound of Yarr Radio was carried out at Sunrise Radio’s ‘Asian Lifestyle Show’ earlier this month. Yarr Radio is being revamped continuously, with the introduction of shows of mixed genre music (including RnB, Hip-Hop). According to information supplied by Yarr Radio, the station will have its own self-proclaimed ‘Sonia Deol’ and that also during breakfast time, which means direct competition with the Sonia Deol we all are familiar with on the BBC Asian Network (ironically Sonia Deol also hosts the Breakfast show on the BBC). Ruby Roy, Shaggy Dee, Jay Kay and DJ Rishi will also be fronting other shows on the new look Yarr Radio. Yarr Radio is part of the Sunrise Radio Group, headed by Avtar Lit. Yarr Radio can be heard online, on DAB across Greater London and the South East and on Sky Digital EPG 0187.

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