Sunrise Radio to attend IIFA Awards in Abu Dhabi

Azha Khan



Sunrise Radio has confirmed that it will be covering this year’s IIFA Awards, set to take place in Abu Dhabi between 25th and 27th May 2023.

Anushka Arora will bring listeners gossip, latest news, and interviews from the star-studded Green Carpet.

Tony Lit MBE, Managing Director of Sunrise Radio comments, “Sunrise Radio is committed to bringing our loyal audience the best Bollywood music and entertainment so it is only fitting that we should be at the IIFA Awards keeping listeners updated first-hand. I would like to thank our travel partners Southall Travel and Etihad Airways for providing flights for Anushka and the 5-star Marina Abu Dhabi for providing Anushka with accommodation for the duration of her stay at the IIFA Awards.”

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Similarly, Lyca Radio announced plans on Sunday that it is broadcasting live from Dubai and Abu Dhabi all this week, ahead of the IIFA Awards.