Market leader, Sunrise Radio, has been rapped by media regulator, Ofcom, over a similar incident it was in breach of previously.

In August, the station broadcast a presenter mentioning sponsorship for its ‘Hit Of The Hour’ feature. Ofcom said, a listener complained that the sponsorship credit sounded more of an advert due to the client’s heavy details (offers, telephone number and website address).

This is the second time this year, Sunrise Radio has been told off by Ofcom. In March, the station broadcast a similar sponsorship credit by the same client (G&B Windows).

Relating to sponsorship credits, Ofcom said, “Credits must be short branding statements. However, credits may contain legitimate advertising messages. The Code also states that one of the Principles of the sponsorship rules is to maintain a distinction between advertising and sponsorship.”

Sunrise Radio said it has followed guidance it received from Ofcom after its previous breach of the Code and has considered its revised sponsor credits acceptable for broadcast.

However, having now sought clarification from Ofcom, Sunrise Radio apologised for any misunderstanding on its part, adding that it was confident that its further revised sponsor credits were now compliant with the Code.

The broadcaster said it is “committed to remain both within the letter and the spirit of the rules.”

However, Ofcom still found the station in breach of its Rules and Regulations. It said, “Ofcom took into account the licensee۪s attempts to revise the credits following the previous finding, but despite this, Ofcom considered that the sponsor credit still sounded more like a full advertisement than a brief branding statement.”

Due to this second incident, Ofcom said it has given additional guidance now given to the licensee and it expects future sponsorship credits broadcast by Sunrise Radio to comply with the Code.