Sunrise Radio begins DJ names registering


In an unusual move, the UK’s popular Sunrise Radio has gone on and registered over ten DJ names to prevent other stations using the same.

The decision to trademark fifteen of its popular DJ names may have been taken as some have become synonymous to the station and somewhat a brand of their own.

Amongst the names that have been submitted for registration are Ameet Roshan, Amar Grewal, Jaz Sidhu, Raj Shukla, Suzi Mann, Reena Kapoor, Sonia Dutta, Sandy Khanna, Asif Choudary, Sunny Landa, Deepa Rai, Rani Gill, Ruby Raza, Shama Sood and Sheena Khan.

Recently, reported how the “real” Suzi Mann was removed from her ‘Bollywood Top 20’ show and replaced with a “new” Suzi Mann. We hear, the second Suzi Mann has been given her marching orders too and it remains to be seen whether a third Suzi Mann will take over the show on Saturday or another alias.

Sunrise Radio is known for giving new names to its presenters. In the past, Anushka formerly of Club Asia was given a new identity as Deepa Rai. Moreover, when the real Sonia Dutta left the station a few years ago, Sunrise retained her name and handed the duty of “Sonia Dutta” to another DJ. Similarly we�۪ve lost count of the varied ��Bossman�۪s�۪ and ��Paul Shah�۪s�۪ that have stepped foot at their studios.

What is your view on this? Is the name really that much of a big deal? Do you think Sunrise Radio is deceiving its listeners by making him/her believe the DJ still exists just because the name ���lives on�۝ even after the original presenter has quit or been fired?

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