Sunny Deol’s ‘Mohalla Assi’ refused certificate by Censor Board

'Mohalla Assi'
‘Mohalla Assi’

With the members of the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) providing tighter restrictions on film-makers, it seems the have now come down to a level where they have refused to certify a film starring Sunny Deol.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, the film titled ��Mohalla Assi�۪ has even been helmed by censor board member Dr Chandraprakash Diwedi, however a dispute between the director and the censor board chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, is the cause of the film not being certified.

Talking to the media was another member from the board, Ashoke Pandit, who stated, ���The CBFC can suggest cuts or certify a film as ‘U’, ‘U/A’ or ‘A’, but they cannot refuse it a certificate. But what else can you expect from a Chairman (Pahlaj Nihalani) who gives a ‘U/A’ certificate to a children’s film, The Jungle Book. This is an insult to a National Award winning filmmaker of the calibre of Chadraprakash Diwedi and the film industry in general.�۝

It had been revealed that the film had been leaked online in 2015, before it was due to have been certified. The trailer even had explicit language and adult scenes included as well.

Producer Vinay Tiwari was also reported stating, ���We don’t want to go to the Revising Committee (RC) because a couple of months earlier, after our trailer was rejected by the EC, we had approached the RC. Pahlajji had watched it himself and rejected it again. So there’s no point going to the RC. I believe that what is happening is because of the differences between Pahalji and Chardraprakash Dwivedi.�۝

Based in Varanasi, Deol plays the role of a priest, raising awareness and fighting for keeping the city free of pollution. It apparently paints a very hard picture, that depicts on the subject of prostitution, conmen, and other forms of fraud,

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