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Sunny Deol accused of cheating and forgery by film producers Sorav Gupta & Suneel Darshan

Film producer Sorav Gupta of Sundawn Entertainment Pvt Ltd has accused actor Sunny Deol of cheating, extortion, and forgery.

At a press conference earlier this week, Gupta, a real estate developer turned film producer, detailed his allegations against the Bollywood star.

Gupta claimed that in 2016, Deol took an advance payment of Rs 1 crore for a film project, with a total fee agreed at Rs 4 crores. Despite repeated promises, Gupta alleged that Deol failed to commence the project and instead chose to shoot for another film, ‘Poster Boys’ (2017). Over time, Gupta asserted that he continued to make payments to Deol, totaling Rs 2.55 crores, yet the promised film never materialised.

“We gave him Rs 1 crore in advance but instead of starting my film, he opted to shoot for Poster Boys (2017) instead. He kept asking me for more money and by now my Rs 2.55 crores is in Sunny ji’s account. He also made me give money to another director, book Filmistan studio, and get an executive producer,” Gupta told Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, filmmaker Suneel Darshan, renowned for popular films like ‘Janwar’ (1999) and ‘Andaaz’ (2003), backed Gupta’s claims during the same press conference. Darshan alleged that he had also encountered similar issues with Sunny Deol.

In response to these allegations, Sorav Gupta has filed a police complaint against Sunny Deol. “The police issued [Deol] a notice on April 30. His office sent a letter saying he was out of town on the day he was to present himself,” Gupta disclosed.

Sunny Deol is yet to react to the claims.