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Sunil Shakya on casting challenges for sequels of ‘Maaya’ & ‘Twisted’

Casting director Sunil Shakya says it was really challenging and difficult to bring faces for second season of upcoming ‘bold’ web series call, ‘Maaya’ and ‘Twisted’

“It was difficult for me to cast girls for the sensible shows at the time when the topic casting couch is trending. We don’t known how girls would react when they get a ring for bold scenes,” he said.

He continues, “But luckily we got talented artist like Anangsha Biswas, Ambrish Shrivastav, Tanvi Thakkar, Leena Jumani, Priyal Gaur for both the series. They are talented, skilled and sensible actress with theatre backdrop. Even they look fantastic and amazing. And we were looking someone like them. As the first season was hit. So we want to stand on our viewers hope.”