Sukhi Bart films Vaisakhi shows for Brit Asia TV

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Sukhi Bart in conversation with Garry Sandhu
Sukhi Bart in conversation with Garry Sandhu

TV host, Sukhi Bart traveled to Punjab recently to film a series of special shows to commemorate the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi for Brit Asia TV.

Bart told BizAsia that it was his dream to front a show where he could visit historical parts of Punjab and give viewers an insight into some of the biggest landmarks and singers Punjab has to offer.

He said, “My lifelong wish was fulfilled, when I got to meet the legend, that is Babu Singh Mann, Panjabi lyrist and a man who has seen generations of singers and supported them with his pen and even today continues to give us hit songs via Harbhajan Mann. He has written so many songs that even he doesn�۪t know. Mera Long kuwacha and wrote a whole album for Mohinder Kapoor in 24hrs sitting in a studio in London and which went on to be a super hit! Sardool Sikander, what can I say – wow! and even that�۪s not enough, sitting in his garden, Sardool paji with his harmonium and says, ‘Hanji, daso G? (Ok tell me what would you like to hear). Where does one begin? Lakhwinder Wadali, OMG! I have never in my years of broadcasting, shown any emotions and Lakhwinder Wadali, makes my cry and then gets all emotional himself, singing a song about mothers and with his mum sitting opposite him.”

Sukhi Bart in Punjab for Brit Asia TV
Sukhi Bart in Punjab for Brit Asia TV

Bart also had the opportunity to be present at the shoot of Harbhajan Maan’s new film. Bart said, ” I remember him saying, Sukhi I am available and I said to him paji, doesn�۪t matter about you, will I get to meet Babu Singh Mann sahib. Harbhajan made it all possible.”

The series also sees Bart visit the Harmandar Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar and the Jhaliawala Bhagh.

The series is being aired every Monday at 21:00 – repeated on Sundays at 19:00 on Brit Asia TV.