Sukhi Bart awarded at House of Commons

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


TV and radio personality, Sukhi Bart has been recognised for his contribution to the promotion of Panjabi culture in Britain by the Panjabis in Britain All Party Parliamentary Group.

He was awarded by John McDonnell MP at the House of Commons last week.

After the event, Sukhi spoke to about the achievement, he said; “It was a great honour to receive such an award at the House of Commons, I specially took my dad with me for I felt it�۪s his contribution that had brought me so far and bestowed such an honour on me and my family. I remember the days having to get up on a Sunday morning and go the Local Gurudawara to learn Panjabi (our teacher used to give us a ��thapper�۪ too).

It was such a proud moment for my Dad who came along with me to receive the certificate. My dad taught me Panjabi with a ��danda�۪ (stick) and although I didn�۪t know it then, it�۪s Panjabi that has given me such a status in society today.

I would really like to thank all the people who support me in whatever I do, the obvious being my wonderful wife Pally and my beautiful 3 children (Amrit, Amanv̩er Singh and my little Simi) and those who are most proud of me including my mum.”

Sukhi has previously presented at the BBC Asian Network, Radio XL and on Brit Asia TV.

He concluded with; “Some people say Panjabi is a slang and an abrupt language, I say Panjabi is one of the most beautiful, poetic and honest language there is, just give it a chance.”