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Sukesh Chandrashekar claims Nora Fatehi is jealous of Jacqueline Fernandez

After it emerged that Nora Fatehi is suing Jacqueline Fernandez for defaming her and dragging her name into the Rs 200 crore extortion case, conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has made some fresh claims about the Dilbar Dilbar actress.

Through his lawyer, Chandrashekhar said, “Nora used to try calling me at least 10 times a day and if I don’t answer the call she used to keep on calling me.” He even went on to add, “As I and Jacqueline were in a serious relationship, I started avoiding Nora, but she kept irritating me by calling and also, asking me to help Bobby set up a music production company, which I did. She also kept sending me multiple pictures of Hermes bags and jewellery that she wanted, which I obliged by giving her, which she was using till date, ask her to produce one bill of Hermes bags that she has, she can never produce as she does not have, as the bags are worth more than ₹ 2 crore.”

Interestingly, Fatehi has filed a criminal defamation complaint against Fernandez and alleged that the ‘Kick’ (2014) actress was “unfairly dragging” her into the money laundering case. Contrary to Chandrashekar’s claims, Nora had clarified that her interactions have been limited to the conman’s wife, Leena Maria Paul. And that the only time Fatehi ever spoke to Chandrashekhar was over the speakerphone during an event in Chennai. Fatehi did reveal that she was gifted an iPhone and a Gucci bag by Chandrashekhar’s wife, but never from the man himself. According to Fatehi, her relative Bobby was given a luxury car by the conman as a part of a movie deal payment that they had signed.

Fernandez who found herself amidst the controversy had responded to Fatehi’s defamation case through her legal counsel and revealed that there was no statement made in the media against Nora or anybody else as the matter is sub-judice.