Sujoy Ghosh feels ‘Kahaani’ franchise should have released digitally


With the release of his upcoming film ‘Badla’ about a week away, director Sujoy Ghosh has feflected back on previous films he has made and shares how it is important as a filmmaker to adapt with changing times.

Reported by Deccan Chronicle, Ghosh who made films such as ‘Jhankar Beats’ (2003), ‘Kahaani’ (2012) and ‘Kahaani 2’ (2016), says if he had to do it again, he would release the films on a digital platform. “I believe that would be better for the film,” adding, “When you are making a film like that (for a digital space), you get a better budget to do that film because there is hardly any marketing in the digital space. So, you get a lot more money for the film.”

Asked if digital platform was taking over cinema, Ghosh said, “It will exist for bigger films but what I mean is that maybe a film like Kahaani will directly go into the digital space. This is what life is all about. We have to adapt. Things around you will change so you have to be a part of it. I personally would see all the biggies on screen and the rest on the digital space but I could be wrong.”

His forthcoming film ‘Badla’ is a murder mystery thriller and sees Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu coming together once again, on the topic of casting, Ghosh feels that if the right person isn’t chosen for the role, then the fault lies with the director. “If the casting goes wrong, the film fails. You, as a director, need to have a clarity to know who can pull off that role and you should go with that conviction.”

Ghosh continued to add, “When you fail to make the actor behave as a character that’s when people say the casting has gone wrong. That’s the only time you know it has gone wrong but that’s my fault and not actor’s and one needs to accept that. Having said that, I have always worked with people I wanted to and whoever I have worked with has given me the best.”

‘Badla’ is an adaptation of a Spanish film ‘The Invisible Guest’ (2016), for some a thriller genre doesn’t have a repeat value, though Ghosh thinks that’s not the case. “Everybody has different views. If done well then it’s good fun to watch it again. It’s all about how you present the story.”

Produced by Gauri Khan, ‘Badla’ will be releasing on the 8th March

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