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Suchitra Sen biopic to be revived by granddaughter Raima Sen

As she establishes her name within the Indian film industry, Raima Sen is in the process of reviving the biopic of her late grandma Suchitra Sen, which was meant to made in 2015.

“My grandmother’s biopic was offered to me. We were going to do it four years ago, and shoot it in Kolkata with a very good director, but I think only a Bengali director will be able to get the true essence of her. However, the dates did not work out back then, so the whole thing fell flat. But if I ever do a biopic, it will be my grandmother’s,” Deccan Chronicle reports the actress state.

In the process of working with director Abhijit Chowdhury, Sen went on to add, “We will have to revamp and rework and complete everything from the scripting level to all the cast and technicians etc.”

Talking about working with him, Sen expressed, “He is a very good ad filmmaker. I actually met him for an ad film that I was doing, which is when I told him let’s work on it again. So hoping to start working on it soon.”

Talking about her grandmother, Sen expressed, “It he has a great script for the Suchitra Sen biopic as well. “I remember her well. She was a very strong-willed woman, very disciplined, and very hard working. Her life was films. I have never met such a strong lady in my life.”

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