State Bank of India (SBI) has launched its digital banking app YONO for customers of SBI.

Originally launched in 2017 by SBI in India, YONO has become very popular, especially among the youth, as it combines mobile banking and lifestyle. SBI has now decided to take YONO globally, starting from the United Kingdom.

Available on both the App and Google Play stores, YONO SBI UK is an enhanced mobile app which is simple, intuitive, and user friendly for customers to carry out almost all their banking needs.

YONO SBI UK offers numerous features like easy UK money transfers or payments, remittances to India – available 24×7 with attractive exchange rates on remittances to India etc. The facility of opening an account through the app will be made available very shortly.

The app will allow customers with accounts at both SBI UK and SBI in India to see both accounts through one app, thereby improving the customer experience and ease-of-use. The app would also allow customers to change their address, e-mail, mobile numbers online.

The app also comes with a strong cordon of device binding to protect the security of customer funds.

At today’s launch event, Rajnish Kumar, SBI Chairman, said: “I am delighted to the launch YONO for our UK customers, after its success in India. I am sure the easy-to-use features and refreshing design will ensure that the app offers a positive customer experience, and showcases the Bank’s strong focus on digital banking, as well as highlight SBI’s technological capabilities.”

Richard Heald, Group CEO, UK-India Business Council, said: “It is exciting to see how passionate SBI is in its determination to deliver innovative technological products for its customers, particularly here in the UK which has a large Indian diaspora.”

Sharad Chandak, Regional Head of SBI UK, said: “I am confident that YONO will prove to be an asset to our customers here in the UK. I look forward to seeing customers make use of the many new features YONO SBI UK provides.”