Stars express disappointment at ZEE5 restrictions in Pakistan

BizAsia Correspondent



A number of stars from the Pakistani entertainment industry have expressed disappointment at the restrictions applied to accessing the popular service, ZEE5 in the country.

The streaming giant, which was forced to remove the web-series ‘Churails’ in Pakistan for its controversial use of language and gestures, is now feeling the heat with its latest Urdu fiction launch ‘Ek Jhooti Love Story’.

It has been reported that the show starring Bilal Abbas Khan and Maiha Imam, is no longer available to Pakistani subscribers with the Cabinet Division intervening to halt payments to ZEE5.

Actor Mehreen Jabbar took to social media to express her sentiments. She said, “They might have made it more difficult to access ZEE5 in Pakistan at the moment but hope we find a way out of it because the only thing that will be hurt because of this ban is our own industry.”

Meanwhile, Malihia Rehman added, “Indio-Pak collaborations &their inevitable realities. Credit cards can no longer be used to pay for subscription to Indian online streaming platform #ZEE5; the same platform that has been investing in local original dramas. Because we don’t want our industry to grow of course.”

Muhammad Waheed said, Instead of promoting our local talent and content, they are banning it. It will just harm our reputation, our artists. Aur haan! Now don’t even think of foreign investment. #Zee5 #OTT”

‘Ek Jhooti Love Story’ launched globally on ZEE5 on 30th October 2020.