STAR to take legal action against India TV


Certain sections of the media have attempted to defame KBC 2 and the STAR Network by deliberately creating an atmosphere of innuendo and hype, we are talking about India TV’s Breaking News. These stories, based upon incomplete information & mis-interpretation of facts, are but an attempt to stir up public frenzy, according to STAR TV.

The key allegations are:
�ۢ Bachchan is not doing further episodes of KBC 2 due to irregularities in the selection process.
�ۢ A few people have managed to get into Fastest Finger First round (round of 10) twice.
�ۢ A few BSNL/ MTNL employees have managed to get into Fastest Finger First round.

These allegations have been presented in a manner, such as to turn public opinion against the show and the STAR Network, and to malign the integrity of a highly successful and much-loved programme.

“We have always maintained that Bachchan’s health is of paramount importance. After Bachchan expressed his inability to shoot for the next couple of months on medical advice, we have taken the decision to end this season of KBC. We are also contemplating the modalities of returning with the third season of KBC after taking this break. Claiming that Bachchan is distancing himself from the show due to alleged irregularities in the selection process is trying to put weight into a story that is baseless.” said Sameer Nair, Chief Operating Officer, STAR India.

The facts are:
�ۢ Bachchan has stated to STAR representatives, that due to medical reasons, he is not in a position to confirm shooting dates for the next few months.
�ۢ The rules allow for contestants to come to the round of Fastest Finger First (round of 10) more than once. Only if the participant has made it to Hot Seat (which means the winner of Fastest Finger First round) is he disqualified from subsequent participation in the competition.
�ۢ BSNL/ MTNL are national telephony service providers and not restricted entities as per the rules of KBC 2.
�ۢ The selection process is validated by one of the world’s leading audit firms, KPMG.

“Frivolous accusations of this nature have created an environment of malicious innuendo. We will be taking strong action, using whatever means available to us under the law of the land, against such deliberate defamation and slander against KBC 2 and the STAR Network. It is a clear case of sensational journalism by trying to stir up public frenzy on hype rather than facts.” said Nair.

Meanwhile, KBC will be replaced by a new game show called Jodi Kamaal Ki, it will be hosted by Rakshanda Khan. It’s a game show featuring celebrity couples ��� husband-wife, siblings, etc. The idea is to get them to reveal how much they know of each other. Jodi Kamaal Ki, produced by Creative Eye, will be telecast every Saturday and Sunday, so as, on Fridays, in place of KBC, the channel will air dailies Miillee and Kkavyanjali.

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