Star Plus partners-up with Raaj FM for ��Mela�۪

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Star TV Network has confirmed that it will be partnering up with Raaj FM’s ‘Summer Mela’ next month.

The upcoming Raaj FM ‘Summer Mela’ taking place on the Sunday 3rd July 2011 is being held in Victoria Park, Smethwick, and will allow viewers from all over the country to watch the biggest outdoor Asian festival in the West Midlands.

According to a statement by Star TV Network, “The popular Punjabi radio station, based in West Bromwich is joining forces with the leading Asian TV network in the UK. The Star network channels in the UK include ��� Star Plus, the UK�۪s No. 1 Asian Entertainment channel, Star One, Star News and Star Gold, the UK�۪s No. 1 Bollywood movie channel. The partnership will allow for viewers to experience the first ever Summer Mela organized by the radio station.”

Yeshpal Sharma, Vice President for Star UK & Europe said, “We are excited about this partnership and look forward to celebrating this community event in the heart of West Midlands.”

Gajan Singh, Director of Raaj FM, “We�۪re overjoyed that the UK�۪s number one Asian television station will be a part of this huge event. This partnership is adding to the excitement, as we countdown to our first ever Summer Mela. With the support from Star TV, our sponsors, traders and of course all our listeners this event on the 3rd July is not be missed”.