Star Plus has confirmed the schedule of three short films produced by Sujoy Ghosh, which will air in April on Sunday 21st April.

The slot called ‘Teen Paheliyan’ will feature three feature films including ‘Goodluck’, ‘Mirchi Malini’ and ‘Copy’. ‘Goodluck’ is helmed by Ghosh, while ‘Mirchi Malini’ is directed by Pratim D Gupta and ‘Copy’ by Arindam Sil.

Ghosh said, “I’m delighted that Star Plus has given me this opportunity. As a filmmaker, it was very exciting for me to explore new story ideas that would cater to our new age audience. It was an experience to mould my thoughts and present them in the short feature format on television. I have always sought to introduce newer and bolder concepts into my work and change the viewers’ perception. Through Teen Paheliyan, I hope that people are engaged with the content this partnership offers.”