Star TV has accepted that a Star Parivaar Live trailer which featured promotional references to Air India, “was in breach of [Rules] 9.4 and 9.5” and informed Ofcom of “this unfortunate mistake”.

Ofcom broadcasting rules state “that television advertising is kept visually and/or audibly distinct from programming.”

However, the two minute trailer, included “frequent and repetitive” Air India references.

Star TV apologised for the prominence given to Air India in the promotion.

Ofcom said: “…given that this trailer was broadcast across a number of Star TV۪s channels on 48 occasions prior to Star Parivaar Live, Ofcom was concerned that there appeared to be insufficient monitoring by Star TV staff of the channels۪ output.

“Ofcom noted that Star TV said there was no contractual relationship between Star TV (or any third party) and Air India for the inclusion of these references. We also noted the steps Star India said it would implement to ensure that no such breach occurs in the future. However, in light of the significant breaches in this case, Ofcom is putting Star TV on notice that any breaches of this kind in the future may result in further regulatory action.”