Star Life continues to strengthen its grip on top in South Africa


Star TV Network’s local offering in South Africa, Star Life continues to lead the way since its inception in the market two years ago.

With an average daily viewership of over 100k+ viewers, and a reach of over 1 million + audiences., Star Life is now firmly established amongst the Top 10 total channels including mainstream channels in the South Africa market and No.1 channel amongst Telenova offerings with more than half market share.

Armed with blockbuster shows like ‘The Evil Eye’ (Nazar), which has entered the 400+ viewership and ‘My Identity’ (Naamkarann) and ‘Eternal Love’ (Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’ both inside the 200+ viewership group. ‘The Evil Eye’ has managed to break into the Top 5 most watched shows in South Africa – an incredible achievement. (Data Source: BRC, South Africa, Adults15+, 06:00-23:59)

The popular channel continues to jump leaps and bounds with its successful output, which has struck just the right chord with its local audience. As well as fictions, the channel also boasts of reality shows, blockbuster Bollywood movies adapted in neutral African English exclusively for the South African market.