SS Rajamouli confirms ‘Baahubali 3’ on the cards

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


While work is underway for ‘Baahubali 2’, filmmaker SS Rajamouli has confirmed a third offering of the epic Indian blockbuster.

Taking to Twitter, Rajamouli said, “Many rumours on Baahubali-3..:) The story will conclude with part-2. No dragging..but the world of Baahubali will continue in a way that’s. Been never experienced before ever. Will reveal the details when appropriate. don’t believe the rumours. Only I know what’s going to come. Looks Like I created more confusion instead of giving clarity..apologies.. Baahubali-3 is on cards…But the story that’s written for the two parts will not be dragged for the sake of it. This story will conclude with the second part itself. Baahubali-3 will be done in a way that audience have never experienced films before. Hope that clarifies..”

‘Baahubali’ released earlier this year and proved a runaway box office success.