SRK unimpressed with stripping Poonam Pandey

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

Poonam Pandey strips for SRK

Before the Indian Premier League (IPL)��final, model Poonam Pandey reportedly vouched that she would pose nude for Shah Rukh Khan if his team Kolkata Knight Riders won the tournament. When the team did win, Pandey delivered on the promise but, much to her disappointment, Khan’s reaction has been minimal.

According to ZEE News,��when asked by reporters what he thought of Pandey’s unusual gesture, Khan commented, “When we won the (cricket) World Cup all our friends went out in cars waving our flag… when KKR won I did a cartwheel… everyone has their way of expressing happiness… I can’t comment on this.”

Pandey posted her nude photo via Twitter, lying on her front accessorised with black heals, a black beaded bracelet and a matching black necklace.