SRK speaks about Wankhede Stadium row

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor

SRK is facing a lifetime ban from the stadium

Superstar and Kolkota Knight Riders co-owner Shah Rukh Khan has spoken out to reporters about the dispute that took place at Wankhede Stadium. He was reported to have been aggressive and foul towards the MCA officials, who accused him of being drunk. It was also news that the officials had filed a complaint in reaction to this, and have put a ban on the actor to enter the stadium.

BizAsia has recently learnt that��Khan, when��speaking to reporters, declared that he was not drunk but became very angry in the way his kids were being ��man-handled�۪ by the officials that lead to the incident.��Times of India have��a video of the actor explaining what happened. ���I was not drunk, I had gone to pick up my children. The officials were extremely aggressive. I just got angry but I left after that. I said a few things in anger. I was one and they were 20-25 officials and they were extremely rude. When I tried to answer them, they hid behind others,” the actor told reporters

Khan also expressed that though he was aggressive, the way his children were handled is not acceptable, and that the officials should be the ones to apologise to him, ���To be abusive to fans or audience that’s not me. They manhandled little girls. I would not deny that I was abusive but it started that this gentleman came from behind to say something in Marathi which I cannot repeat. I asked him to speak in Hindi,�۝ he explained.

Close friend Karan Johar recently tweeted ���Srk is one of the best fathers i know….and protective about every child…he was being just that….a protective parent!!!�۝��A few minutes after he went on to tweet, ���Why blame a man who was just reacting as a father….who wouldnt have done the same in his place???�۝