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SRK reacts to KJo’s baby news

News about Karan Johar becoming a father to a set of twins set shockwaves around the world on Saturday night.

While news digests and congratulatory messages for Johar continue to flood in, Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his delight at the news of one of his best friends. Apparently, Khan was one of the first to know about the news and it reportedly was on his recommendation that got him in touch with Dr Makrand Masani. Furthermore, it was at the same hospital where Khan’s son, AbRam was born.

Talking at the Mijwan 2017 event, Khan was cited in saying, “It’s a personal moment. Let’s respect the privacy. Of course we all are very happy. We wish him happiness. It’s still very personal. So, don’t think I am being cagey by not answering about it. I have had this moment in my life so I know how personal it is. So, let’s respect it and leave it at that. We will have love, celebrations, happiness and health later.”

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