Box office clash expected?

SRK bans Akshay Kumar from IPL6?
SRK bans Akshay Kumar from IPL6?

The Eid weekend will be seeing the clash of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’ and Akshay Kumar’s ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai 2’ (OUATIM 2) at the box office. It has emerged that Khan may have been influential in the decision of Indian Premier League 6 (IPL6) organisers to ensure that Kumar is not in attendance to promote his film.

‘OUATIM 2’ makers were hoping to use the IPL6 tournament to promote their forthcoming film. An insider told Hindustan Times, “The tie-up was being talked about, since the IPL gets a lot of viewership. And though the organisers don۪t want the focus to move away from cricket, they do tie-up with big films”.

The insider continued, “He has asked Cineyug (run by the Morani brothers, who are close to SRK), the firm that is helping put together the ceremony, to ensure that OUATIM 2 gets no visibility at the event. Besides, SRK not only owns an IPL team (Kolkata Knight Riders), but is also close to the league۪s top brass”. It is thought that Kumar was hoping to be performing in the opening ceremony of the tournament which is being organised by Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.

In constrast, a source close to Khan rubbished the rumours, “It۪s rubbish. Shah Rukh doesn۪t even get involved in his team meetings, so you can forget IPL deals. He۪s an actor, and doesn۪t get involved in anything else”.

Sundar Raman, Chief Executive, IPL, commented, “We have no idea about any such thing. We don۪t do film promotions at IPL”.