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Spoiler: ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’: Madhav reveals to Abhira the truth

In today’s episode of Star Plus show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, an elderly woman tries to remember Shivani’s son, leading Abhira to mention that she is Madhav’s daughter and they are living in the house.

Curious about this, Abhira questions Madhav in return, he avoids answering. Armaan assumes that everyone, including Abhira, will participate in the Sawan Milni ritual. He even sets up a swing for her to join in. As Abhira admires an old painting of Shivani and her son, Armaan notices her from outside. Meanwhile, Sanjay announces that the Poddars will not be celebrating Saawan, but Manisha reveals that Kaveri has made it mandatory for them.

Aryan is responsible for organizing everything, but both Sanjay and Manoj worry about societal criticism. Despite their concerns, Kaveri insists on celebrating Saawan and instructs Aryan to continue with the preparations. She also becomes worried when she cannot find Vidya, who seems troubled according to Manisha. Vidya believes Madhav is back at Shivani’s house, stirring up emotions within her. Armaan comforts Vidya. Meanwhile, Madhav is thrilled to see the swing beautifully decorated by Abhira, but his joy is short-lived as she ruins it.

Upon learning that Armaan is behind the decorations, Madhav challenges him to a love test. Armaan, reminding Vidya to take her medicine, feels sorry for her and reassures her that it’s good Madhav is dealing with Abhira. However, Vidya blames herself, confessing that Madhav has made it clear he can never love her as much as he did Shivani. She feels he has chosen Shivani over her once again. Armaan, overcome with self-blame, is urged by Vidya to let go of it. Despite feeling guilty, he cannot bear to see Vidya unhappy and asks if she will ever forgive Madhav.

To his dismay, Vidya remains silent. Meanwhile, the Poddars celebrate Saawan Milni with Kaveri. As Armaan watches the festivities, he imagines Abhira dancing in a traditional Rajasthani style and longs for her presence. Amidst the preparations for the Saawan ritual, Kaveri talks about its importance to the family. Lost in his thoughts, Armaan envisions performing the ritual with Abhira by his side, feeling a sense of joy. In another setting, Madhav reveals to Abhira that Shivani is Armaan’s biological mother.