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Spoiler: Anupama heads for India in emotional goodbye

On Star Plus show, ‘Anupamaa’ sees an emotional goodbye.

As Anuj drops Anupama off at the airport, he can’t help but express his sadness that the house feels incomplete without her. Meanwhile, Toshu and Kinjal are on their way to India, and the family is eagerly awaiting their arrival. Back at the Shah household, Baapu ji and Leela get into a heated argument over a peculiar kurta that Leela brought for him. Titu and Dimpy witness the commotion and share a lighthearted moment, with Titu joking that he wants to fight with Dimpy when they’re older.

Leela inquires about Titu’s family attending the wedding, and he reveals that his parents married against their family’s wishes and are no longer alive. Vanraj comes there and asks Titu how his parents died, to which he says that his father died due to heart attack.

On the other hand, Anuj ensures Anupama meets her co-workers before departing the US., showcasing her dedication to her work. Kavya asks Kinjal about Anu’s return, but Toshu interrupts, stating they have no relationship with her. Vanraj advises Toshu to consider Kinjal’s well-being before making the move to India.