Special Feature: World Radio Day Bollywood Style


Around the world the radio is something that many people listen to. Whether it’s on a morning drive to work, while waiting for an appointment at the doctors or even while doing some housework. The radio is always a companion that both entertains and informs the audience.

13th February marks World Radio Day and to mark this day BizAsiaLive.com will look at five films that had our stars take on the world of broadcasting.

‘Salaam Namaste’ (2005)
In this romantic, comedy the audience got to see Preity Zinta as the feisty Ambar who was studying to be a doctor and at the same time worked as a radio presenter on the station Salaam Namaste. She had a huge fan following and was very confident on the airwaves, so much in fact she said things that probably wouldn’t be allowed in reality. However Zinta made being on the radio look like fun and if her show was real many would perhaps tune in.

‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’ (2006)
Janhavi (Vidya Balan) is like a breath of fresh air whenever her voice hits the microphone. Her optimistic talks make the listeners think in detail about their lives including Munna (Sanjay Dutt) who never misses a show. She interviews guests on her shows and tries to get an insight into their lives. Balan fit into her role of a radio presenter very well as she was lively and able to get the listeners engaged with her show. It is no wonder that many years later she was given another role where she was cast as a radio presenter but with a twist.

‘Radio: Love on Air’ (2009)
Vivan (Himesh Reshammiya) is that radio presenter who can be a caring agony aunt who advises his listeners and at times a rocking DJ who plays their favourite song. In short Vivan is a well loved presenter whose shows do extremely well in terms of ratings. His personal life however is the exact opposite which soon begins to affect his work life.

When his show begins to start losing its appeal he comes up with an idea for a new show featuring a mystery girl. Luckily the new show does wonders for the radio station bringing the ratings up but for his life they create havoc.

‘Tumhari Sulu’ (2017)
Balan is known for experimenting with her roles and in this comedy, drama she was able to shine through like always. Sulu (Balan) is a housewife who feels she is destined for more. She enjoys taking part in competitions and trying new things while her family members feel now she is a mother of a child she should grow up.

When she is given the opportunity to become a radio presenter she jumps at the chance. At first she struggles to get comfortable with her role but with time she becomes a popular presenter. Balan was bubbly in the role of Sulu and very entertaining to watch as a presenter of a late night radio show.

‘Sanju’ (2018)
Although it was a small segment of the film the audience got to see Sanjay (Ranbir Kapoor) as a radio presenter. Even though the show wasn’t on a big radio station and was within the walls of a prison the show was a big hit. He talked about his personal life and the experiences he had. The film was an insight into the life of the actor Sanjay Dutt and Kapoor did a fantastic job of showing Dutt through the different phases of his life as well as this phase as a presenter.

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