Eid is a lucrative time for films, with more and more producers jumping on the bandwagon to ensure their product gets off to a huge start at the ticket window. This Eid-ul-Azha, three major Pakistani releases have been confirmed for release. BizAsiaLive.com takes a closer look at each film set for release this week.

Movie: Superstar
Starring: Bilal Ashraf & Mahira Khan
BizAsiaLive.com Expectation Rating: 5/5
Synopsis: ‘Superstar’ is the story of two characters from different worlds as they journey to find the true meaning of the word ‘Superstar’. Noor a budding actress who wants to make it big in the film industry meets Sameer a celebrity with stardom. Together they learn the price of success and that sometimes to shine, you need the darkness.

Trailer of Superstar

Movie: Parey Hut Love
Starring: Sheheryar Munawar & Maya Ali
BizAsiaLive.com Expectation Rating: 5/5
Synopsis: The story of a guy who is carefree and afraid of commitments when it comes to relationships. His life takes a twist when he meets a strong-willed, gorgeous girl and falls in love with her. It has many cameos from leading Pakistani artists.

Trailer of Parey Hut Love

Movie: Heer Maan Ja
Starring: Ali Rehman & Hareem Farooq
BizAsiaLive.com Expectation Rating: 4/5
Synopsis: The story of ‘Heer Maan Ja’ revolves around two people who are extremely enthusiastic about life and their future together. Kabir becomes an architect with big aims and ambitions however Heer is left behind because of her conservative family pressures. They part ways following a misunderstanding and a tragedy. The film revolves around this encounter which leads to a roller coaster ride of a journey where they meet different people from all walks of life, getting in and out of trouble.
Please note: ‘Heer Maan Ja’ releases in Pakistan on 12th August, UAE on 22nd August & UK/USA/Canada on 23rd August

Trailer of Heer Maan Ja