Sourabh Srivastava disassociates himself as director from ‘Fraud Saiyyan’

Shyama Sudra



He was set to launch Prakash Jha’s daughter Disha and her friend Kanishk Gangwal, in the Arshad Warsi starer ‘Fraud Saiyyan’, and where all seemed to be going well, director Sourabh Srivastava has now pulled out of the project just as the finishing touches are being made.

As Mumbai Mirror reports, the director seemed to be unhappy with the final product resulting in his exit from the whole project. “It was done under the supervision of a veteran filmmaker (Prakash Jha) whose work I respect immensely. But I want to state that this is not my film anymore. This was not the script I pitched and we had agreed on,” Srivastava was reported explaining.

He went on to add, “The production house got in touch with me a few days ago saying the film was ready for release. I requested the producer over text message to please remove my name from the credits. The edit is not mine, the background music was not approved by me, there are so many issues since I was side-lined from it. don’t want to create any controversy because that will affect my career.”

Despite having completed the full schedule, the director explained that due to being kept in the dark about what was happening, he wasn’t able to be a part of the film in that way. “after the first edit, I wasn’t aware of what was happening with the film. I was not on set when a new song (“Chamma Chamma” remake featuring Elli AvrRam) was shot. I watched a show three-four days ago. I would not like to comment on what I thought of it, all I’m saying is that this is not my film.”

With the news of Srivastava’s exit, it seemed everyone was in shock including the young actors, who expressed, “We are very surprised at Sourabh’s comments because he has been the maker of the film and has done a good job. The film has shaped up really well. We are happy with the final product.”

Jha (Disha) and Gangwal went on to add, “All the technicians, writers and everyone associated with the film is busy promoting the film and looking forward to the release. We have no idea why he wants to disassociate himself from his own hard work.”

The film tells the story of the protagonist played by Warsi, who tricks women into falling in love with and marrying him where he ends up with 13 wives and multiple affairs, where his antics eventually land him in difficulties with the law.

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