Sooraj Pancholi trains the Spartan way?

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sooraj Pancholi will be undergoing rigorous training to transform his physique. The ‘Hero’ (2015) actor wants to take it up a notch and build on his already fit form.

Reported in DNA India, Pancholi will be doing the Spartan training programme under guidance from a top American expert from Los Angeles.

The Spartan training regime is not for the faint hearted. Part of the challenge will be to do different sets of exercise quickly, moving from one to the other without any breaks. Of course Pancholi will be following a strict high protein diet, cutting out carbohydrates.

A source close to the actor said, “Sooraj learnt about the trainer from a friend in LA. He had read about the Spartan workout but initially was told that it wasn’t for beginners. Now that he has been religiously hitting the gym for the last 4 years, he finally felt ready to take it up. Sooraj follows the challenging workout thrice a week, besides sticking to his regular routine. Fitness has always been a passion for him and he wanted to transform his body for a more ripped and toned look”.