Sooraj Pancholi: “I wish the CBI had stepped in a little earlier…”

Amrita Tanna

Senior Editor


Sooraj Pancholi has reacted to Sushant Singh Rajput’s case being transferred to the CBI. He’s been brought into the mix by various people and spoke out not long ago, stating that he has nothing to do with the incident or whatever led to Singh Rajput’s demise.

Talking to E Times, Pancholi said, “I am happy he got CBI, at least the rumour mongers will shut up now. I am as happy as Sushant family’s right now. My concern was his family. They should get the closure that they have been asking for. I wish the CBI had stepped in a little earlier but it’s never too late. I am happy that they have it now. I am sure the CBI will do justice to this case”.

He added, mentioning how he was receiving such negative comments on social media, “I had to disable my comments too. You are abusing me, calling me m*****f***** , I will still tolerate it but abusing my parents and sister? I am not okay with it. Social harassment and online bullying needs to stop. This is as criminal as hurting someone physically.People have taken out their anger on certain people of the film industry and merged it with Sushant’s case. People don’t realise that these two are different things. I’m not saying whether Sushant was murdered or did he commit suicide as that’s what the CBI will look into and find the truth. However, the first conspiracy theory was that he killed himself because of certain people in the industry and those people were trashed left right and center. The second theory was that it was a murder and not a suicide. Will you say sorry to the people who were trashed before? These trolls have spoken with so much conviction as if they were a part of Sushant’s life and were witness to whatever may have happened to him. So CBI should look into this as well. It is these people who spread the dirt. I am happy for Sushant’s family and fans but I wish the CBI would have taken over sooner. A lot of damage has already been done. Judiciary is made for a reason. Sushant’s family has all the right to voice their protest but not the gossip mongers who spread hate without any evidence. Their assumptions are hurtful to people. Doubt if these people will learn a lesson because it’s a never ending process”

Singh Rajput was found dead in his room on 14th June.