Sony’s new look ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ – a flop!

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Sony Entertainment Television Asia’s desperate measures to spruce up its faltering gameshow ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ has resulted in all time low viewing figures.

Bringing Rajeev Khandelwal as host (four episodes old now) in place of Mandira Bedi in ‘Deal Ya No Deal’ has sunk the show to plummeting depths. The TRPs have registered a drastic drop.

According to a source, neither the production house nor the channel are at a loss for words after the costliest anchor on the show made an appearance.

Says an insider, ���Rajeev has not clicked as an anchor. He fails to connect with the audience as much as Mandira or even Madhavan did, and the figures prove that.�۝

When contacted, Anupama Mandloi (Sony�۪s programming head) said, ���When Deal Ya No Deal was telecast from Friday to Sunday, Friday was always a fragile slot. Now, the show is telecast on Fridays only. I don�۪t think it�۪s the issue of who the anchor is. Rajeev is seen as a trend.

Give it some time. The channel is not reacting to the show every week. We are only putting out what we think the viewers will enjoy. You cannot shove something down anybody�۪s throat.�۝

���TAM ratings show that the Friday slot was not so fragile during the Mandira and Madhavan shows. What is even more shocking is that Rajeev (April 28) failed to beat Mandira (January 25) and Madhavan (November 23) in his first episode, when there should have been a curiosity factor, if he�۪s so popular,�۝ the source concludes.