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SonyLIV deletes ‘Crime Patrol’ episode due to resemblance to Shraddha Walker murder case

SonyLIV has been forced to delete a recent episode of popular show ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’ after it received backlash for the resemblance in the ongoing Shraddha Walker murder case.

The episode was broadcast on Sony TV, in which the characters were named Anna Fernandes and Mihir Kanchwala. In real-terms, Aftab Amin Poonawala has been accused of murdering his live-in girlfriend Shraddha Walker.

Viewers reacted in angst over the episode on social media, which resulted in SonyLIV to pull the show off-air from its platform. Further, it released a statement saying, “Some viewers are commenting on social media regarding the recent episode of Crime Patrol. Viewers say that this episode bears resemblance to a recent murder case. We want to inform that this episode is based on a fictional story. Its story is inspired by a murder case that took place in 2011. It has nothing to do with any recent case. We take full care that our content is as per broadcasting standards. We fully respect the sentiments of our viewers. We are sorry if any viewers’ sentiments were hurt by this episode. We have removed this episode.”