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SonyLIV announces launch of original show ‘Pyar Ishq Rent’

SonyLIV in association with Junip Entertainment has announced the launch of an original show called ‘Pyar Ishq Rent’, which streams on the platform later this month.

Starring Simran Chaudhary, Paras Tomar and Anuj Sachdeva, ‘Pyar Ishq Rent’ reflects on the relatable yet complicated equation of contrasting roommates who are forced to live under the same roof.

Tanya, a young fashionista in Mumbai puts her room on rent for some extra money. From a snobbish NRI to a struggling photographer to a young techie to a new couple, this room eventually turns home to a host of unique individuals each trying to discover themselves in an unknown city. But does Tanya turn friends with her roommates? Or do problems begin here?

Sharing your house with a weirdo is the worst nightmare ever and that’s what dawns upon Tanya everytime she meets her new guests. Just when she seems to settle to this chaos, Kyle enters as the new roommate and turns things around. As different as chalk and cheese, Kyle and Tanya start off on a rough patch and a series of crazy encounters follow through.

‘Pyar Ishq Rent’ streams from 9th April exclusively on SonyLIV.