Sony Entertainment Television Asia has announced details of it’s new programming line-up ahead of the rollout of it’s new positioning on Monday 25th May.

As previously reported on, Sony TV has decided to change its market stance by unveiling a new look.

The channel has decided to overhaul its prime time programming as part of its drive to go up the ratings.

The revamp strategy involves the axing of all its weekday prime time content except its age-old shows ‘Boogie Woogie’ and ‘CID’.

A new slate of five daily shows will surface from 25th May, playing out between 20:00-23:00. Sony has also lined up two new weekend shows, one of which is the return of ‘Dus Ka Dum in season 2’ with Salman Khan as the anchor.

Speaking to IndianTelevision, Sony Entertainment Television Senior Vice President Gurdip Bhangoo said: “We had to bring in this change to bring consistency in our weekday prime programming. As a network, the channel has been struggling in the past and this new programming may be a fresh start for the better. We are changing not just the content but also working on the brand identity and the signature tune. However, the logo remains the same.”