Sony Entertainment Television Asia is set to launch a new show from Monday – ‘Ek Safar Aisa…Kabhi Socha Na’.

The new show will be aired Monday to Thursday at 21:30.

‘Ek Safar Aisa_ Kabhi Socha Na’ is a love story of a young girl whose quiet and simple life changes into a roller coaster ride filled with suspense, thrill and mystery.

Sony Entertainment Television Asia head of programming Gurdip Bhangoo said, “Ek Safar Aisa… is about treading the unknown. We are sure this simple girl۪s story and the mysterious experiences that she goes through in life will resonate with the viewers.”

The show is produced by Sunrise Telefilms and Rashmi Sharma. Directed by Pawan Kumar, it has been written by Virendra Shahaney. The cast includes Pankaj Dheer, Rinku Ghosh, Madhvi Gokte, Kuldeep Mallik, Neelu Kohli, Tapasvi and Jaishree Soni and Maninder in the lead roles.