Sony Entertainment Television Asia’s most expensive show ‘Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Jouhar’, which was launched as part of the channel’s new look in May will be ending earlier than expected.

‘Chittod Ki Rani…’ has not performed as the channel hoped it had. Initially it was meant to run for 108 episodes taking it to November, however, TellyChakkar has reported that the show will now end in September.

Disclosed a source, “The show was very close to all of our hearts and especially to the producer. But low TRPs led to the show’s end much earlier before its given time. It was a shock for everyone and especially for Tejaswini who is playing Rani Padmini. It seems that Indian television viewers need to grow up and they should give importance to every kind of show otherwise there will be monotony and the existence of television will be at stake.”

Continuing the source said, “The last shoot happened on Sunday. We shot the Jouhar scene with Tejaswini and some other characters in the show. After the last shot everyone was upset and there was a small get- together that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.”