Sony Entertainment Television Asia has become one of the first casualties amongst the UK Indian broadcasters to suffer from the ongoing producers strike in India.

As revealed on a few days ago, the strike, which affects all Indian channels is the federation’s call in demand for higher wages, better work conditions and more breaks between shoots.

Sony TV runs its drama serials on par with telecast with India hence had no episodes banked unlike other channels – ZEE TV and STAR Plus. STAR Plus UK is up to six weeks behind transmission times of soaps to India. ZEE TV could also be affected depending on how long the strike goes on. Some of its dramas are up to two weeks behind ZEE TV India.

The temporary schedule for Sony TV until the dispute is resolved will consist of repeat episodes of existing shows and re-run of previously shown soaps.

19:00 News / It’s Rocking

19:30 Sujata (Mon-Wed) /Rubaru (Thu) – Re-run episodes

20:00 Mr and Miss TV

21:00 Aathvaan Vachan – Re-run episodes

21:30 Babul Ka Aangann – Re-run episodes

22:00 Indian Idol Repeat

23:00 News / It’s Rocking

23:30 Boogie Woogie – Repeated episodes

The strike kicked off on Saturday (8th November) and will continue until the wage issue is resolved.