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Sony MAX in trouble with Ofcom
Sony MAX in trouble with Ofcom

Sony MAX has landed itself in troubled waters after media regulator, Ofcom requested the broadcaster to send in a recording of its output on the back of a viewer’s complaint.

A complainant alerted Ofcom to scenes of violence and horror in a trailer for the Bollywood horror film ‘1920 Evil Return’s’ broadcast around 20:35 on 26th December 2013.

Multi Screen Media Asia (MSM) – the parent company of the channel said the recording had not been provided because its main compliance contact had been away for the period concerned and the contact details of the second person were out of date. The broadcaster provided a recording shortly afterwards.

Ofcom said due to a combination of staff absence and out of date contact details MSM had provided to Ofcom, the Licensee clearly failed to do so forthwith۝ within the deadlines set by Ofcom. MSM therefore breached Condition 11(2)(b) of its TLCS licence.