Sony boasts of further movie acquistions

Raj Baddhan

Senior Editor


Flying high on recent big movie acquisitions like Kaal, The Rising-Mangal Pandey, Veer Zaara, Waqt and Parineeta, the channel has even more reason to celebrate.

Being the undisputed leader for blockbuster movies, Sony Entertainment Television Asia and its movies and events channel MAX have acquired the worldwide rights to this year’s hit movie Dus, which proved the turning point in Abhishek Bachchan’s film career. The channel has bought the rights of Subhash Ghai’s low budget movie Iqbal.

Albert Almeida, Executive VP and Business Head, SET MAX on the marketing front says, “Viewers interest is sacrosanct, they are the ones who sustain channels and they flock to movie channels for eyeballs only and MAX has selected this point which will act as a driver for the January to March quarter period of 2006.”

Almeida on the marketing front says, “We have already launched a marketing campaign to promote the Sunday Houseful property. The four Ps of marketing have to be replaced with four Es emotions, engagement, experience and enhancement now. If direct advertising is seen by viewers as interruption, they may be engaged with brands by making the latter a part of the content.”