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Sony axes ‘Kulvaddhu’ after only four months

In a surprising move, Sony Entertainment Television Asia has axed drama serial ‘Kulvaddhu’ after only fourth months on air.

According to Mid-Day magazine the production house, Maverick, has been given two weeks notice to fold up the show.

It took the Maverick staffer by complete surprise. No specific reason has been given to the production house except that it is a management decision.

‘Kulvaddhu’ was launch during the Christmas holidays last year and has failed to make a mark in the competitive primetime slot.

The decision by Sony is indeed shocking after all it was the first soap launched after the appointment of Sandiip Sikcand as the channel�۪s chief creative director. He was heavily involved in the soap’s initial episodes, overlooking the editing and general flow of the soap’s story.

There has been much talk about Smriti Z Irani’s (Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame) debut on Sony TV with her drama ‘Viruddh’ later this month, so has this axe fallen to make way for ‘Viruddh’? Only time will tell, keep it with